New York City: How To Prosper In New York

New York City can be one of the most challenging places, while also being one of the most exciting and lucrative places on the planet.New York offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and for people looking for a fresh start.But it also can be a challenging place to live, where an individual must be aware of potential dangers that can lurk around the corner.As a native New Yorker, I recommend the following tips to first time New Yorkers.1. Most of the people living in New York are good caring people. You will only know this by spending time with them. Reserve your judgment, and trust, until you have spent enough time with the person.2. City Hall can seem like a bureaucratic maze. In fact, New York civil employees are some of the hardest government workers you will ever meet. You can also call 311 and receive information on dealing with any issues that might arise such as licences, tax questions, transportation questions, and problem assistance.3. There is allot of money to be made running a business in New York. But the expenses you will incur can be pretty steep. Keep a tight eye on your revenues and costs, and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the profits offered in this metropolis.4. New York offers some of the most exciting tourist destinations you will ever find. But remember that this is a real city, not a gigantic Disney park. Always keep your eyes open and never hesitate to speak to one of New York’s Finest if you are suspicious about someone or something.5. Make sure to take pictures, they will remind you years later of the great memories you created in New York.

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